Parax Token was realesed to make exchange issues easier on the exchange platform. PARAX specifications:

- PARAX token is Ethereum based token

- The total “supply” are  16,971,239 units 

- PARAX are represented by a natural unit with 8 decimal places.

- PARAX contract address: 0x2148bdff20f099a3022d9c4ec10094e869b7d2ec

PARAX token is not supporting ICO sales. The price will be left to the market conditions.

You will have a lot of advantages with the PARAX token such as:

Transaction Mine Rewards

The transaction fee is 1% for all Taker/Maker trades. You will receive certain amount of PARAX as reward for trading on the platform.

Pay Fee 30% Less

Our clients are paying commission fee less in 30% with PARAX by clicking switch button on setting page. Please be sure that you have PARAX Tokens on your account.

Coin Listings with PARAX

Cryptocurrency owners/developers must pay listing costs with PARAX Token. For more detailed information please check our Listing & Delisting Policies.